2022 Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course (CCIC) – In Person!

2022 Cambridge Conference Interpretation Course (CCIC) – In Person!

31 July -13 August 2022

38th intensive course in the practice of simultaneous conference interpretation – Refresher course for professional conference interpreters

Venue: Hilton Cambridge City Centre, Cambridge, United Kingdom

For further information, details of fees and enrolment forms, please see:


or contact:

Christopher Guichot de Fortis
Julia Poger
Email: conferenceinterpretationcourse@gmail.com

Experience indicates that early enrolment is highly advisable.


Course Directors are chosen from:

  • Eva Bodor, freelance interpreter
  • Camille Collard, Head of ESIT
  • Marie Diur, Head of Interpreting Services, UNOG
  • Carola Garth, German Federal Ministry of Defense
  • Ann Goslin, former staff interpreter, WTO
  • Christopher Guichot de Fortis, former Senior staff interpreter, NATO
  • Tatiana Kaplun, freelance interpreter
  • Patricia Magno-Holt, former Head of Interpretation, US Department of State
  • Elina Pekler, staff interpreter, UNHQ
  • Julia Poger, freelance interpreter
  • Claudia Ricci, freelance interpreter
  • Ekaterina Shutova, freelance interpreter
  • Lucy Solem, staff interpreter, SCIC
  • Gabriela Verdi, freelance interpreter

NB: The CCIC is specifically designed for experienced and practising conference interpreters.

This unique annual refresher course for professional interpreters offers a student-teacher ratio not exceeding 2.5:1.

Instruction is centred on training in simultaneous interpretation from speeches delivered by both guest speakers and teaching faculty members. Numerous challenging contemporary video sources are also frequently employed. Subsequent general, group and individual performance feedback is both extensive and detailed, and constitutes the heart of the course. Several in-depth and specialised ‘language-specific’ sessions, concentrating on a particular mode of interpretation and/or language pair, are also featured.

The 27 students will work (alone for health reasons) in state-of-the-art ISO booths in a hub format. A wide range of technical and general subjects (economy, geopolitics, environment, philosophy, history, defence etc.) will be briefed under authentic conference conditions, including formal UN-format mock meetings. Most working days are themed by topic.

In addition to this core curriculum, daily specialised modules in a variety of fields (consecutive techniques, B-language strategies, use of texts, meeting terminology and practice, booth and stress management, marketing and negotiation, chuchotage, interpreting literature, etc..) and briefings on AIIC and the profession, are provided. Practical training in ‘chuchotage’ is also featured, using a real-life scenario.

Course languages are: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, offered according to demand, and tuition is tailored to cover the language pairs desired by students. The language of general instruction is English, and speeches are delivered in all Course languages pro rata the profile of the student body.